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  • Pretty chairs with flat seats

    Pretty chairs with flat seats

    Let’s talk about seats! Personally, I like a big puffy seat on a chair, not only because it is usually more comfortable to sit on but I find it more aesthetically pleasing. But having a big puffy seat doesn’t always work, as was the case with these rescued dining chairs. Let me explain. If you… Read more

  • Colour your world

    Colour your world

    Recently I have been spending time reading about and studying colour theory. It is a fascinating subject and I have learned a lot with respect to colour combinations with fabric placement, decorating and even putting outfits together. I have played around with colour wheels in the past but I guess I had not spent much… Read more

  • The charming little bench

    The charming little bench

    Now that summer has come to an end I have a number of projects to tackle that are sitting in the garage waiting to be chosen for their makeover. I am very excited to get started on them. Just to give you an idea of how many are in the queue here’s the list: two… Read more

  • Guess who’s coming to dinner?

    Guess who’s coming to dinner?

    I am so excited to have finally finished my Louis XVI style chairs. It was such a pleasure to work on these pieces, especially knowing they will be adorning my own dining room. I told you how I acquired the chairs in a previous blog post, so now let me tell you about my creative… Read more

  • Finding the perfect dining chairs

    Finding the perfect dining chairs

    The stars were aligned the day I found my reproduction Louis XVI-style dining chairs on Facebook Marketplace. The timing was right when I popped on and typed in “antique chairs.” There they were in all their glory at a price point that made my jaw drop. I immediately messaged the seller, figuring they were already… Read more

  • Questions often asked of me

    Questions often asked of me

    A few people have asked me the following questions so I thought I would share my answers in case others are curious to know as well. Is reupholstering cheaper than buying new? Unless you are doing it yourself, in most cases it is not cheaper. But keep in mind, reupholstering is much more than just… Read more