For me, it’s not so much about reupholstering chairs

but about finding something I love,

being creative, and sharing it with others.

About Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa, a lover of old furniture and fabrics (both new and vintage), and a chair stylist that creates one-of-a-kind chairs. Some view chairs as just a place to sit, but I look at them as functional art or accent pieces in a room. With fabric, trim, and paint I create usable art for my home.

I live in a 150 year old house and every room has antique chairs that have been reupholstered in vibrant colours and patterns. They each inject personality into our living spaces and serve as both useful and decorative. I have always liked the quality, the style, and the history of old homes and furniture, but I now appreciate how mixing old with new brings a freshness and vibrancy to a space. I encourage you to browse through my gallery to see some of my chairs.

I began writing a blog to share my creative hobby and perhaps inspire and encourage others to try reupholstering or begin a creative hobby of their own. Connecting with like-minded people is important for growth and I’m hoping that through my blog I’ll also meet people who inspire and challenge me.

I’m not sure where exactly the blog will go, I suspect it will make a few dips and turns into my different areas of interest, but on the whole my intention is to record things that I’m learning and doing and experiencing with respect to Sitting Pretty Chairs.

Click here to go to the blog now or if you are new to this website you may want to start with my initial post here. I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I enjoy writing them and I sincerely hope you find my creative journey interesting and fun!

Lisa George

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