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Recently I have been spending time reading about and studying colour theory. It is a fascinating subject and I have learned a lot with respect to colour combinations with fabric placement, decorating and even putting outfits together.

I have played around with colour wheels in the past but I guess I had not spent much time learning about how they worked and then applying the rules. Of course, rules do not have to be followed exactly. If I absolutely love the look of something together I will use it regardless of whether or not the rules work. But learning about colour theory has opened my eyes even more to the world of colour.

Ellena Hue, a fashion youtuber who also loves colour, explains colour theory very clearly and I encourage you to check her out. Her channel is primarily about fashion but of course the information can be applied to any realm that involves colour.

Now that I am beginning to understand colour theory, I am looking at colour combinations differently. I started going through the colour pallets in my fabric stash and was able to see why they worked so well together. I started to notice the pallets I was most attracted to.

I began draping different fabrics over chairs and really liked the results. I am not sure yet if I will go this route, but it is fun to play.

Then I moved to my closet and had fun going through my wardrobe and grouping different pieces together that I previously would never have thought to combine and they looked fantastic. This whole exercise took me out of a little black box that I had been sitting in.

Really, my interest in adopting more colour in my life started a few years ago when I was introduced to the blogs of some of my “colour heros” — Maria Killam’s Colour Me Happy, Alison Kandler Interior Design, Matthew Williamson Design, to name just a few. I have enjoyed spending countless hours pouring over these blogs with their colourful, eclectic rooms and getting inspired and informed on how to add more colour to our home.

I wanted to do what they were doing: Living with colour every day with painted furniture, colourful lamps and accessories, and unique and vibrant upholstered chairs.

Since I already had painted furniture, learning how to reupolster so I could custom make the colourful chairs I longed to have in our home just made sense. The search for the right fabrics became an obsession and has had such a positive impact on me.

I now seek out colour everywhere. I am drawn to colourful clothes, colourful artwork, colourful dishes, colourful furniture. The more colour around me the better I feel.

So what does this have to do with Sitting Pretty Chairs you may ask? Well, the use of colour has brought so much joy to my life that I encourage you to adopt more colour into your life. Whether it is in your furniture, your decor, your wardrobe, or your accessories, give it a try and see how good you feel and how great you look.

Colour can make us feel happy and look more vibrant, so why not use that tool to your advantage!

And finally, on another note, these are a few antique pieces I currently have sitting in my garage.

I have been picking away at a few chairs and am looking forward to making them vibrant and beautiful again. With this collection in the lineup it has been a fun filled fall! Can you envision how beautiful these pieces will look after their makeover? Is there a colour combination that I have not already used on my completed chairs that you might like to see? Please let me know in the comment section.

I am hoping in the future to share some “how I do my chairs” videos so you can give it a try too and add more colour into your life. Lord knows, we all need more colour!

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  1. Judith Yaworsky avatar
    Judith Yaworsky

    Looking forward to seeing how those chairs turn out Lisa.

    1. Thank you Judith! I certainly have my work cut out for me over the next while!

  2. You’ve got quite the collection of chairs. The thing that fascinates me is how colour can stir emotions. Whenever I see red and turquoise together there is something about it. Something from my past I can’t quite nail down. But that combo always grabs my attention. It’s a happy emotion. I just wish I could figure it out. Maybe it was a Barbie doll outfit or some thing! Thx for a great blog post. I must look up some of those bloggers!

    1. Thanks for your comment Sandra. The colour that always makes me feel happy is pink! I think I denied that for years because it was viewed as such a “girlie” colour, but I embrace it now. If it were up to me I would definitely use pink a lot more in our house!

  3. i love that you are ’embracing’ the colors and using the different patterns and color combos in your chairs!

    1. Thanks Glenda! I am certainly always looking for different colourful patterns — the more the merrier! The latest is a blue, green and yellow bird theme that I think you’ll really find fun. I’ll be writing a blog to feature them soon. Thanks for your comment!

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