The charming little bench

Now that summer has come to an end I have a number of projects to tackle that are sitting in the garage waiting to be chosen for their makeover. I am very excited to get started on them. Just to give you an idea of how many are in the queue here’s the list: two antique settees, an antique bench, two antique occasional chairs, six antique cane back chairs, and three other old dining chairs with pretty lines. Lots of projects and a fall full of fun!

I will be writing about each of these pieces as I get going on them, but today, I wanted to share with you a bench I redid for my son as he headed back to college this week.

I acquired this bench a few years ago after a neighbour had passed away. It sat in his house for years and then it sat in mine. I thought it was charming and it actually fit my space at the back door entryway, so I painted it white and covered it with a pillow. It looked great and served its purpose. Then, a year ago a friend offered me a small antique bench that she was getting rid of that was also the perfect size for my backdoor entrance space (and it was even more charming). I graciously accepted it and the other bench got banished to the garage. As my collection of old pieces to be reupholstered continued to expand, this little bench got pushed further and further out of the way.

I was very pleased when my son asked if he could have it for his bachelor apartment and even more pleased when he agreed to have me reupholster it for him. It’s actually a perfect choice for his space because of its size; it provides an extra seat or two in a pinch and, with the makeover, it now adds a pop of colour.

I painted the bench in a beautiful blue colour and changed the seat to make it more comfortable. My son took a look through my stash of fabrics and picked a colourful polka dotted one (that was originally a table cloth). The fabric is very durable and water repellent and is perfect for a student’s apartment.

Upcycling not only the bench but also the tablecloth that was found while thrifting is another win-win for me! This project kept two more things out of the landfill.

So the story of the charming little bench continues. Who knows what secrets it will hold living in its new home?!   

8 responses to “The charming little bench”

  1. Looks great! Now you have your son “sitting pretty”!

  2. It’s beautiful Lisa.🥰

  3. Shannon Delbridge avatar
    Shannon Delbridge

    Oh so pretty … but masculine at the same time!!!

    1. Right… pretty can be masculine too! Thank you Shannon!

  4. I love it! I’m hoping to actually get to see it in its new home later this month!

  5. Love it and great job. Your son will enjoy it for years to come

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